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Picnic Lunch Wall at Smith Rock State Park



BendBroadband WiFi Hotspot at Smith RockBendBroadband Wi-Fi is a wireless Internet service that offers a mobile, high-speed Internet connection at Smith Rock. Customers may access BendBroadband Wi-Fi Internet using any laptop computer, PDA, or similar mobile device equipped with a wireless card. The service works with both Wi-Fi industry standards of 802.11b and 802.11g and network configuration is automatic. Simply select “BendBroadband” from the network window and click connect. You then have one of two options to access the service. For complete instructions, click here.


  • BendBroadband High-Speed Internet Customers: BendBroadband WiFi Free to Customers Hotspot at Smith Rock
  • Daily Use: $5.95
  • Multi-Day Subscription: (1-Week): $19.95


  • 2Mbps Downstream
  • 1Mbps Upstream

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