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Honey Pot 5.10a ***

Protection - 11 bolts to the anchor

This route starts in the same area as Teddy Bear's Picnic using the huge huecos, then some pockets then some big edges, then a mono to a two finger pocket, then the next pocket is 8 feet to the right. You have to let go with your hands (standing on a slab and big edge) and reach way right for a good pocket. Next are more edges and then a knob fest to the top. It has good variety of climbing and some neat moves. There are no runouts and all the bolts are easy to clip. Some ledges and rock walls have been built to stabilize the hill side. You should be able to lower with a 50 meter rope.
[Description by Ian Caldwell]

First ascent - Ian Caldwell
April 20, 2001 Route Home Page
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