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Ryan Lawson on
The Outsiders (5.8),
Morning Glory Wall

about cleaning them or letting them
self clean...

Ryan: Actually, I think of my cleaning
as more aggressive
than most
people's. It's just that when you
put up a route in the main area, and
people are used to climbing routes
and NEVER breaking anything, or
not having ANY dust on the routes
-- when they get on something that
has just been put up, and they break
anything, or knock off one pebble they
yell "rock!" I mean they knock off
something I wouldn't even consider
a rock and they yell "rock!" They're
not used to that.

So many people are used to climbing

things that are absolutely perfect an
have been up for 10 years that they
don't know what a bad route is. And
if you've climbed some of the bad
routes here, and you've climbed
vertical scree, climbing something
where you pop off one knob -- that's
nothing! Up on the Brogan
Spire Complex, in The Cave area,
there's a line of bolts going across
in a traverse, what is that?

Ryan: That's called Living Blindly, it's
a 4-star 5.7. It just goes straight to
the top of the Opossum in two pitches.
So you do the first pitch of The Cave
route, and then you do one traversing

pitch to a belay, and then you do
another pitch straight to the top of
either The Opossum or The Tail. So
it just kind of Y's right near the top
there. And that's one of
your routes?

Ryan: Yep. Put up on lead, all free.
Solo. Really?

Ryan: Most of my routes I do put
up solo. I very, very rarely have a

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