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partner when I'm bolting and cleaning.
I do a lot my routes in areas where
people couldn't put up the routes
because they aren't willing to go
ground up. And because of my aid
climbing experience here I could go
up things that most people are like
"“Oh wow, I'd have to rappel in 600
feet to do that route...” And I'd be
like "just go ground up." It's not that
hard. So you're not that
worried about loose flakes and all
that, you're more used to it?

Ryan: No, I'm not that worried and
I'm used to it. How many routes do
you figure you've done from the
ground up?

Ryan: Probably only about five
percent. And sometimes I do kind
of a mix where you're anchored way
over there and you're just kind of
traversing on-lead bolting to get in
your next anchor.

This is the end of part 1. Part 2 starts
on page 6.

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