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Ryan Lawson on his
secret “Concrete Crag”.

about -- and they don't seem to care
about -- because they're in obscure
and out-of-sight areas at Smith. Every
time I have put a route up in the main
area at Smith I have had to really think
about it and psych up for it because I
know I am going to get so much crap
for doing it. It is kind of good though
because it makes you think if you
want that route connected to your
name for eternity. What are some of
your future climbing plans -- here or
at other areas?

Ryan: I'd like to keep eliminating sling
anchors at Smith, that's one of my
big goals. I'd like to keep putting up

some more moderates here... and
push myself -- work on pushing my
free climbing level higher. And, I would
like to travel to more areas, to check
out different rock types. How about training?
Do you work out specifically for

Ryan: I really don't train for climbing
at all. I work really hard at work which
keeps me in good physical shape.
Other than that, and climbing on
weekends, I don't do any training. What is it that you
do now, as far as work?

Ryan: I do tree work and landscaping
in Portland, full-time and have since
I got out of high school. It makes
trying to take off on a long trip kind
of hard.... Is there anything
else you'd like to add, any of your
perspectives on climbing at
Smith Rock?

Ryan: Too many people go to Smith
to just push their free climbing level
and to tick off the “classics”. When
they just go do the same routes over
and over again they miss out on the

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