Logo Road Kill, Mexican Food, 2 Finger Pockets  Dreamin'
Rob Jenson at the first
roof on Dreamin'
(5.12a R).

Up next was Kimball. He could set
up a stand at Smith and sell beta to
any route in the park.
Kimball was
going for a tennis shoe ascent of
Chain, and just barely missed the
dyno. It was time to keep the good
times rollin'. So up next was a stop
at the Rock Hard for some huckle-
berry ice cream, and then on to
La Siesta.

La Siesta was a bit sketchy, definitely
not as a good as the Red Barn, but
hey, we're saving that for tomorrow.
Our group was large due to the com-
petition (JCCA comp at Inclimb) that
had just taken place earlier in the
day in Bend. We ate well, shared
stories and wounds, and made future

plans. Life is Good. The posse was
then off to see Mission Impossible 2.
Yes, we all know that this movie has
a lot more significance for the rock
climber. Sure, the climbing scenes are
a bit silly, but climbing on a big screen,
what else could you ask for?

Soon it was time to retire. We had the
luxury of staying at Bill's land, which
happens to be right across the street
from the Smith parking lot. Somehow
Kimball had managed to take up all
the car space which left me with no
room to pack my sleeping cushion.
Shannon shared the same fate as I,
and we couldn't help but laugh as
Kimball's freshly popped Therma-Rest
began to deflate.

The Sun rose quickly, but we didn't.
It took a quick trip back to Terrebonne
for some caffeine and a leisurely
walk into the park to wake us up. It's
day and my fingertips are feeling the
wrath of the Smith Rock Tuff. It's
days like this that you wish you were
back in Las Vegas, where the lime-
stone is friendly and the hot tubs take
your troubles away. Actually, it's
everyday I wish I was back in Vegas.

Today, after a brief warm up, we
decide to mix it up and hit a couple
of classics. Dreamin' (12a R) is up
first. This route is absolutely amazing.
It is 100 feet long, pulls 2 roofs and

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