Logo Alan Watts Interview Birds in a Rut
Ryan Lawson on Birds in
a Rut (5.7) in 1998 on
the Wombat.

Smith was different. But, over time,
as Smith has matured, it has kind
of become the same way. I think
the local scene is similar to what
Yosemite was like. I think it is in-
dicative of a very mature area, an
area where there are not as many
new and exciting things happening.
People are just kind of hanging on to
the past.... Do you think that
is also because there are just more
people involved?

Alan: Yeah, I think that's a lot of it.
Ryan, he's not the antichrist or
anything, he a perfectly decent guy.


A lot of the routes that he's done
have been really good. He's done
some great things and I think he's
really contributed in a positive way.

Not all the new routes that have been
going up are great...a lot of them are
just not a whole lot of fun to climb --
they're not that well cleaned.... Are these some of
the ones that Ryan has done?

Alan: Well, both his and others. For
the most part, his routes are probably
a little bit better than average of the
routes that have been done; he's
pretty conscientious. People now don't

put a whole lot of time into cleaning
routes because they've figured out
that routes get cleaned over time
just through use, and they don't
need to spend all that time cleaning
like I did.

I'd say one of the differences
between now and then is the
anti-new route attitude among
the local climbers now. So that's the local
climbers' attitude?

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