Tammy Bakker's Face
Lion's Jaw Chimney
Lion's Jaw
In Hind's Way

One Time Trick
Five Gallon Buckets
The Outsiders
Light On the Path
Morning Sky
Cat Scan
Choss In America
Lion Zion
Zebra Direct
Zebra Seam
Dandy Lion
Lion's Chair
Main Line

5.10c **
5.8 ***
5.11a *
5.8 ****
5.10a ***
5.9 ***

5.9 ***
5.10b ***
5.10c ***
5.11a *
5.12c ***
5.10c ***
5.11a ***
5.11d ***
5.9 ***
5.12d **
5.11a R ***
5.13a **

Sketch Pad
Energy Crisis

Magic Light
Exile On Main Street
Gimme Shelter
Nine Gallon Buckets
Cool Ranch Flavor
Taco Chips
Sign of the Times
Churning In the Wake
Churning Sky
Churning in the Ozone
Vicious Fish
Waste Case
Kings of Rap
White Heat
Da Kine Corner

Jam Master J
5.12d ***
5.12b ***

5.12b **
5.11c ***
5.11a ***
5.11d R **
5.9/10c **
5.11b **
5.12d ***
5.12d *
5.13a ****
5.13a ****
5.13b ****
5.13c/d ****
5.13b ****
5.12d ****
5.13c/d ****
5.12b/c ****

5.13a/b ***
5.13d ***
Smith Rock Morning Glory Wall
Smith Rock Morning Glory WallZebra Direct 5.11a ***Zebra Seam 5.11d ***Overboard 5.11c ***Magic Light 5.12b **Dandy Line 5.12d **Five Gallon Buckets 5.8 ***Lion's Jaw 5.8 ***Energy Crisis 5.12b ***Sketch Pad 5.12d ***Main Line 5.13 *Zebra 5.10a ***Zebra 5.10 ***Zebra 5.10 ***Zebra 5.10 ***Light on the Path 5.9 ***Zion 5.9 ***Zion 5.9 ***Choss in America 5.12c ***Gumby 5.10b ***Kings of Rap 5.12d ****Kings of Rap 5.12d ****Kings of Rap 5.12d ****Vicious Fish 5.13c/d****Vicious Fish 5.13c/d ****Churning in the Ozone 5.13b ****Churning Sky 5.13a ****Taco Chips 5.12d ***Cool Ranch Flavor 5.11b **Churning in the Wake 5.13a ****Churing in the Wake 5.13a ****Vicious Fish 5.13c\d ****White Heat 5.13c\d ****Sign of the Time 5.12d *Zebra 5.10a ***Tammy Bakker's Face 5.10c **Lion's Jaw Chimney 5.7Lion's Chair 5.11a R ***Lion's Chair 5.11a R ***One Time Trick 5.11a *In hinds Way 5.9Nine Gallon Buckets 5.9/10c ***Gimme Shelter 5.11d R **Exile On Main Street 5.11a ***The Outsiders 5.9 ***Morning Sky 5.10c ***Cat Scan 5.11a *Lion Zion 5.10c *** Home Page
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