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Smith Rock 1986 DVD
"Smith Rock 1986
The Birth Of
U.S. Sport Climbing"

DVD - $7.96
U.S. Orders Only


Smith Rock 1986 Trailer

The tights were scary and sport climbing was being discovered in the U.S.

Featuring Alan Watts, J.B. Tribout, Todd Skinner and many more 1980's era climbers.

        Original Smith Rock 1986 DVD movie poster from The OUTBACK CHANNEL.
    Total Running Time:
62 minutes

Feature - 44+ minutes
Special Feature - 17+ minutes

Viewer Comments
-I enjoyed the video of the formative era at Smith.
-So painful to watch. Those tights... what were they thinking?!
-Check out those tights... pimp...
-Perfect christmas present! Home Page
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